Empowerment underpins all our working relationships and is key to our ongoing success.


Case 1

We were asked by a financial industry customer to work on a challenging major change programme that involved multiple external consultants, as well as client staff. We seamlessly led and managed the blend of consultants and employees to successfully deliver the project on time and within budget.

Case 2

As a team of consultants, we don’t just empower our team, we pass these skills on to our clients. Recently we provided process improvement training for a client’s employees, reinforced with additional mentoring sessions. The end result is that the client now has an in-house process improvement team, saving the organisation valuable time and financial resource.

Case 3

Magellan was recently involved at a very senior level in a securities project for a banking client. The project team recognised that they needed additional skills and were empowered to bring in the correct combination of skills to complement their own expertise. This blend of skills enabled the team to build a bespoke solution that provided the blueprint for the central office to implement across the organisation's global locations.



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