We are passionate about who we are and all we do so that we can deliver results to the people that matter


Case 1

We really love what we do! Our team of consultants support each other on projects with ideas, advice and additional insights. This enthusiasm, and the ability to pool resource from outside of the direct client project team, means that we will always deliver the most successful change solutions for our clients.

Case 2

Magellan consultants transfer their enthusiasm and skills to the wider community when the opportunities arise. We currently offer financial support to the Jersey RFC Under 6’s team, but we also volunteer our time weekly to manage and coach the aspiring players to reach their sporting goals.

Case 3

Magellan consultants share a unique passion for delivering the required outputs, regardless of  the challenges that may present themselves. A recent client project requested the delivery of last minute resources the day before a bank holiday. Passionate for success, the Magellan project manager called on the wider Magellan team to devise a solution within the required timescale so that the project could continue on track. 

Case 4

The team recently helped a commercial organisation to implement an operational process plan that involved a complete change from current operating procedures. Using their passion for implementing the correct and most appropriate solution for the business, the team worked closely alongside senior managers  to plan, structure and conduct a facilitated workshop that would successfully launch the project to the workforce.  Working within a very limited timeframe, the workshop guided employees through company values, organisational purpose and project objectives, but also, and most importantly, built trust, and promoted staff involvement and success business-wide.


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