Creativity is inherent to our company culture – we think creatively about our client solutions and the techniques we use to achieve the required results.


Case 1

With regulatory changes imminent, Magellan was asked by a banking services client to design a reporting solution that would accommodate the impending changes. Not only did we design a scalable regulatory solution, but we also ensured that the solution could be easily adjusted to meet future regulation changes.  This avoided duplication of in-house data and effort, whilst maximising the initial investment and providing long-term value for money for our client.

Case 2

A commercial client faced significant changes to operational processes that were likely to impact at a number of levels across the organisation. The solution we implemented delivered a range of workflow improvements that enabled the organisation to process more work with the same amount of resource, whilst also overcoming several operational issues.  More importantly for this client, the changes that were introduced have supported significant business growth

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