Careers at Magellan Consultancy

Magellan Consultancy has a small but growing team of dedicated professionals with shared values and a passion for providing excellent service to our clients. 

So why Magellan?

We are always looking for highly skilled individuals to join our team as part of our future growth plans. 

If you are interested in exploring possibilities with Magellan as an experienced change professional, either as a Consultant or as an Associate, why not drop a line to one of our consultants as we would love to meet you? 


We are committed to developing our people. We are enthusiastic about education, activeley encourage our team to expand their skills through a wide range of courses and experiences. We build on our employee’s previous experiences and offer tailored training to ensure they are highly qualified to provide excellent services to our clients. 


We are passionate about helping the local community in Jersey and care deeply about the environment that we are working in.  Our team loves to get involved in the local community supporting local charities and fundraisers across the island.  We take the opportunity to get involved from a hands on perspective.


We have an exciting remuneration package which recognises the excellent work and embodiment of the company values that we observe in the day to day delivery of services to our clients.

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We are committed to building an inclusive environment; employing the best, brightest talent regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other diverse background or status.

Interested in finding out more or if you would like to have a chat, contact any of Our people or email

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— Henry Ford